Everything you need to bring your new baby home

Shopping for a baby as a first time mom can be quite overwhelming. It’s helpful when you have friends and family around you that have gone through this already but it’s also important to keep in mind that not all moms and babies like the same things.

I’ve put together an essentials checklist to help guide you through the process of buying everything you need to bring your new baby home. You can also use this list to help you put together the perfect baby gift registry. I’m obviously new at this and if you’re looking at this list then I’m guessing you are too. I’ve gone around and asked friends who have recently had babies as well as compared my list to a few on Pinterest to help us be prepared. Now, I’m aware that a baby doesn’t actually need a nursery from birth but I wanted to get it done now whilst I have the extra time on my hands hence why it’s on my checklist.

I’ll make sure to update this list in a few months when baby Gray joins us.

Click here to download your free printable newborn checklist.

Happy shopping!! Remember, you don’t actually NEED all these things! Feel free to go through the list and pick out what you judge is essential for you. This list is to help guide you through shopping as a first time mom.

I’ve linked below a few items I’ve already purchased for Baby Gray.

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