Amazon beauty & fashion favourites

I’ve always been a fan of shopping on Amazon and since the beginning of lockdown, I’ve definitely upped my game. Here are some of my beauty and fashion favourites.

Gel polish set of 6 | Microfibre makeup remover pads | Dr.Pawpaw balm |Fluffy slippers | Tie-dye lounge set |

I’ve definitely been living in comfy clothes for the last few months. Probably a bit too much but eyh who’s judging… This tie-dye set and fluffy slippers make for the perfect lounging outfit. It’s super comfy and looks cute, although it’s a bit on the warmer side it’s great for the fall days to come.

Now when it comes to manicures and pedicures, I’ve been doing my own gel nails for a few years now. Whilst I usually stick to white polish, with summer and the nice weather, I wanted to try out a few different colors. This set of 6 is only £13.99 and really owns up to its 4 and a half star ratings. I do recommend you also purchase the base and topcoat to ensure that they last. I did my manicure over 2 weeks ago and have had no issues with peeling or chipping.

To know all about the Dr.Pawpaw multi-use balm check out my previous post where I explain all the beneficial uses of this amazing product. I also have a post all about the microfibre makeup remover pads so make sure to read those two blog posts.

I love finding new clothes, or products to try from Amazon so if you have any good ones to recommend, or that you would like me to test out, let me know in the comments below.

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