10 haircare products absolutely worth the money

In today’s post, I’ve put together all of the hair care products I’m currently using and love. These 10 products are absolutely worth your money!

Aveda damage remedy| Revlon detangling conditioner| Silk pillowcase | Olaplex | 2 in 1 hair straightener | Microfiber hair towel | Living proof dry shampoo | Detangling brush | L’Oreal dream length bundle | Flyaway tamer

Revlon detangling conditioner- I’ve been using this product for a few years now and I don’t think I will ever stop. This spray is a leave-in treatment that helps hydrate your hair at the same time as detangling. I’ve yet to find a leave-in detangler that works as good as this one and that smells as good!

Silk pillowcase- Silk pillowcases are great for your hair and skin. No matter your hair type these will help with breakage and tangling as well as not absorbing the moisture out of your hair and skin.

Aveda damage remedy- This leave-in treatment helps protect your hair from damage and breakage when using hot tools. This one is on the expensive side, but I promise it won’t disappoint and can last you up to a year depending on how often you style your wet hair.

Olaplex treatment- You’ve probably already heard of Olaplex… and yes it’s as good as people say. I started using this treatment when my hair was looking dead from over bleaching and using hot tools. I would recommend using it on damp hair, so wet your hair with a brush, apply this product, and leave for a few hours or even overnight. Wash your hair and you will absolutely fall in love with the final result.

2 in 1 hair straightener- Why spend around £200 on a straightener and even more on a hair curler when you can spend less than £45 and have the same results. This hot tool has adjustable temperatures levels, a 60-minute auto shut off, and dual worldwide voltage which is great for traveling. I use it for both straightening and curling my hair, my hair stays styled for days and I rarely have to touch up my curls during the week.

Microfiber hair towel- The high-quality microfiber material is meant to help against breakage and is super absorbent so it minimizes the time it takes for your hair to dry.

Flyaway tamer- Now this one is part of my favorite new discoveries! I would always use a clear mascara to tame down my fuzzy hair but would end up with crunchy and greasy looking pieces which meant I had to wash my hair more often… nope, not happening. I can now brush down the little hairs that always seem to fluff on top on my head without it looking greasy or weighing down. It’s also great for when you want to do a sleek ponytail or brush up the little neck hairs into a bun.

Living proof dry shampoo- I’m the queen of skipping hair washing day…not sure that’s something to be proud of but I just can’t be bothered to wash my hair every single day. I use this dry shampoo when my hair starts looking a bit greasy and usually manage an extra day or two. For all my fellow brunettes out there, the product comes out white but does blend in after absorbing the oils from your hair so don’t worry you can still use it.

Detangling brush- This detangling brush is great for everyday use. It’s also a good one to use in the shower after letting your treatment or conditioner sit for a few minutes. The small teeth on the brush are great for getting your products all over and in-between every single hair strand.

L’Oreal dream length shampoo and conditioner- I started using this shampoo and conditioner about a year before my wedding as I really wanted to grow my hair and get rid of all my split ends. The L’oreal dream length did not disappoint and did exactly that. In my opinion, these are the best hair wash products I’ve used so far…ohh and it smells AMAZING!!

Hope you enjoyed finding out about the best hair care products, now it’s time to do some online shopping! 😉

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